The Cape Cod Cosplay Photoshoot Weekend Returns This May

Chocobobutt as swimsuit Asuka at the inn's indoor pool.

Chocobobutt as swimsuit Asuka at the inn’s indoor pool.


Coming up May 13-17, Nerd Caliber will again be on Cape Cod organizing a long weekend of photo shoots in one of the most scenic locations in New England. But this year, our fourth, will be a little different and a big anniversary.

Unlike previous years, we won’t be at the Southfleet Motor Inn at South Wellfleet for an entire week covering two weekends. This year we felt it made more sense to be there for one extra-long weekend, packed with fun activities. One of those activities will be a big grilling and BBQ party Friday the 15th, to celebrate Nerd Caliber’s 10th anniversary!

Of course, the main goal of this event has always been to bring together photographers and cosplayers, to create awesome images in a wide variety of scenic environments. As you will see in the photos in the SmugMug gallery by clicking on the image below, the locations are beautiful, and sometimes creepy. The biggest draws are the beaches, which are all but empty of other people at that time of year. But there is also the abandoned military housing complex, the old stone tower, the cedar swamp and of course Provincetown itself.

Other locations a bit further away include another high tower, and even a perfect location for hobbits!

What we do for attendees is provide as much help as we can to get shoots to happen. We will help you find locations, provide expertise for photography and possibly even transportation help for remote locations. What we aren’t doing is setting up actual shoots — that will be up to the photographers and cosplayers to coordinate together. Check out the Facebook event page for a way to connect and coordinate.

The Southfleet Motor Inn has given us a discount room rate for anyone planning for an overnight stay, or longer. Go to the Inn’s website and use the promo code PHOTOS for the discount rate.

Of course, while we are there we will be promoting our own two-day event, the Cosplay And Photography Expo!, coming up July 18-19 in Mansfield, Mass.!


Click on the image above to see the full gallery of both images taken during previous events, and location shots.

Click on the image above to see the full gallery of both images taken during previous events, and location shots.

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