Prices Enlarge Dec. 1, Get Your Tickets Soon!


Here’s a friendly reminder that ticket prices for the Cosplay And Photography Expo next summer — while currently at 2017 and 2018 prices — will go up by $5 whole dollars for a weekend ticket after Nov. 30! (OK, so not nearly as much as the image of giant Ant-Man implies.)

If you buy your tickets before then, a weekend set will set you back just $35, the same price as the last two C.A.P.E. events. But after Nov. 30 weekend tickets go up to $40. Every ticket level jumps by $5 on Dec. 1, including the tickets for professional photographers that wish to charge for shoots at the event. Those climb from $50 for the weekend to $55 after Nov. 30.

Go to the Registration page to get your tickets to C.A.P.E. 2020 today!