Panelist Cancellations: BelleChere, Lodaim Cosplay, GiveWave Studios


Due to unfortunate and varied circumstances (nothing worrying, thankfully) panelists BelleChere, Lodaim Cosplay and GiveWave Studios will be unable to attend CAPE this year. We hope that they all resolve their separate challenges in the best way possible, and look forward to seeing them at other events.



Room Discount Code Extended!


The Room Discount code for the Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites, Nashua, NH is still active, and has been extended until right up to CAPE! Rates start at $129 for a standard room with a single king bed or two double beds.

However, the ONLINE RATE ENDED July 5! TO GET THE RATE AFTER JULY 5 YOU MUST CALL and ask for our events person Laurie Hopkins! The hotel will honor the rate right up until Friday Aug. 4, but only if you call Laurie or book at the hotel in person. And if the hotel fills up with other guests, the discount rate ends, so book your rooms soon!

The code is CPE. The local number is 603-888-1551. Once again, ask for Laurie Hopkins.

Panelist Announcement: Dave Yang Photography!

Dave Yang Photography

Dave is a professional photographer who shoots just about every kind of content, including beautiful cosplay images. Based in New England, Dave travels all over the country and is almost as well known for his black tees and Grumpy Cat-like frown as much as he is for his ability to get the best out of Golden Hour lighting.


Hotel Room Discount Code Is Live!

The Room Discount code for the Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites, Nashua, NH is active. Rates start at $129 for a standard room with a single king bed or two double beds.

The link below is for just Saturday night. You can get the same rate for more nights but need to call the hotel directly at 603-888-1551.

Click on CAPE at the Holiday Inn, Nashua and the discount code will automatically be applied when you pick the date.

RATE ENDS July 5! Book your rooms soon!


CAPE 2017 is now a 2-day event!


What’s better than one of anything? Two of course! Whether it is two Baymaxes or two days of panels and workshops, doubling up is twice the fun!

After looking at how much we have saved up for CAPE 2017, we decided that it made sense to pin down the second day now instead of later, since we will be able to afford it. That gives us a chance to put on nearly all of the excellent panels our panelists have dreamed up, instead having to do the painful triage of deciding which ones to present.

We decided to set the rate for Sunday to $15 in advance and the weekend for $35 (the same as a Saturday and Sunday individual ticket combined). That way everyone gets a break on Sunday costs and we don’t have to refund any tickets already sold. The new tickets have already been added to the choices at TicketTailor.

Of course the Holiday Inn in Nashua is glad we did, not just because it books their meeting rooms for another day but it gives attendees added incentive to stay overnight. Stay tuned soon for a link to the hotel registration page with our discount code already filled in. That will give you rates from $121.50 for a standard single king or two double bed room, to $173.50 for a suite with kitchenette.

NEW DATE! CAPE is now Aug. 5, 2017!

Those darn Canadians...

Those darn Canadians…

While plenty of things can be said about Fan Expo buying Boston Comic Con, one of the best things is that it gave them pockets deep enough to move to the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center (the home of PAX East) in 2017. Unfortunately, that meant they had to move dates — to the same weekend we had planned for CAPE. /sad face/

But don’t fret! The CAPE hotel was very happy to allow us to move to the prior weekend, so CAPE is now planned for August 5, 2017. Yes still at the Holiday Inn Hotel and Suites in Nashua, NH — with its indoor three-masted pirate ship and all.

If you have already bought tickets, don’t worry. We will not make you do it again, and will honor tickets with the Aug, 12 date. If you have already bought tickets and now can’t make it at all, just contact us and we will happily refund your purchase.


You Don’t Have to be a pirate to Attend CAPE 2017…

Yes, the Holiday Inn Hotel and Suites in Nashua has a three-masted pirate ship inside the meeting center part of the facility. And yes, we will have our photo studios set up in there and encourage anyone and everyone to shoot in and on it. But you don’t have to be any one of the characters being cosplayed in the pictures below — or any pirate for that matter — to get or take pictures on the ship.


You don't have to be an anime pirate like the Straw Hat Pirates...

You don’t have to be an anime pirate like the Straw Hat Pirates…

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Panelist Announcement: Mhysa Cosplay!

Mhysa Cosplay

Mhysa Cosplay is so dedicated to accuracy in costuming, she built her own loom to weave a particular fabric for a Daenerys Targaryen cosplay — then memorized an entire speech in High Valyrian just to nail it down. A Master-level cosplay contest winner she now (like most of our judges) only judges contests and rarely competes. But she hasn’t slowed down creating, including designing an entire Disney princess/Avengers mashup team last year.