The Next CAPE Will Be In 2020


That’s right we are skipping a year. We realized after this most recent Cosplay And Photography Expo that we need a longer run-up time to make our next CAPE an event that is revenue neutral or positive for us.

For that reason and to concentrate on other areas of Nerd Caliber in the coming year, the next CAPE will be in the summer of 2020.

We will be planning and holding some smaller events throughout 2019 and promoting CAPE 2020 at cons all throughout 2019 and 2020. Stay tuned for more information about these smaller, free events.

Thanks again for your support and we hope to see you all in 2020!

Photo credits: Cosplayer = fictitiousveronicamarie and photographer = Wonderllama Photography.

New Main Entrance for C.A.P.E.!

Hey everybody! This year we are concentrating our operations more into the conference center part of the Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites. That means we would like you to use a different entrance than last year.

On the opposite side of the facility from the hotel lobby is a large entrance specifically for events. That is where registration and prop check will be. We still have full run of the hotel public space, and you can enter via the lobby, you’ll just have to walk a long way to get to registration, through a cadre of Staff that will ask for your wristband.

Check out this handy and super cheesy map I made, showing you where the new entrance is, and where you can find parking.

CAPE 2018 entrance is on the other side from the lobby!

CAPE 2018 entrance is on the other side from the lobby!

Hotel Room Discount Code Is Live!

The Room Discount code for the Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites, Nashua, NH is active!

The Room Discount code is CCC. Rates will start at $132 for a standard room with a single king bed or two double beds.

If you use this link, the rate will auto fill, and you just need to select the Saturday night of July 28, pick a room and go. If you want to arrive early, to get the rate for more than just Saturday night you need to call the hotel at 603.888.1551 and give them the code CCC over the phone.



Panelist Announcement: Spectra!


Spectra is not only a foam armor expert who has run panels on the topic at New York Comic Con, but is Nerd Caliber‘s own AAA games writer. His cosplays draw most from comic books and movies, and his Frozone is so spot on that you almost think that Pixar based the character design on Spectra in the first place.


Panelist Announcement: Khepera Cosplay!

Khepera Cosplay

Khepera leapt onto the cosplay scene in 2014, and immediately started racking up cosplay contests awards, both for her amazing crafting skills and her ability to inhabit a character so completely. Right out of the gate she exhibited mastery of sewing, armor and prop making with foam and worbla, and makeup and wigs.


Panelist Announcement: Dave Yang Photography!

Dave Yang Photography

Dave is a professional photographer who shoots just about every kind of content, including beautiful cosplay images. Based in New England, Dave travels all over the country and is almost as well known for his black tees and Grumpy Cat-like frown as much as he is for his ability to get the best out of Golden Hour lighting.


Panelist Announcement: Cowbutt Crunchies

Cowbutt Crunchies

Cowbutt Crunchies, a duo of Bostonian cosplayers with a weird name and way too much love for dressing up, return for a second year to CAPE.  With ten years of cosplay experience under their belts, they’re big fans of sharing that knowledge with others in the form of tutorials, advice, and more recently wigworking tips as Gothichamlet participates in Arda’s Iron Wig contest.