Hotel Room Discount Code Is Live!

The Room Discount code for the Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites, Nashua, NH is active!

The Room Discount code is CCC. Rates will start at $132 for a standard room with a single king bed or two double beds.

If you use this link, the rate will auto fill, and you just need to select the Saturday night of July 28, pick a room and go. If you want to arrive early, to get the rate for more than just Saturday night you need to call the hotel at 603.888.1551 and give them the code CCC over the phone.



Panelist Announcement: Dave Yang Photography!

Dave Yang Photography

Dave is a professional photographer who shoots just about every kind of content, including beautiful cosplay images. Based in New England, Dave travels all over the country and is almost as well known for his black tees and Grumpy Cat-like frown as much as he is for his ability to get the best out of Golden Hour lighting.