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Panels and Workshops

Below is the first draft of the final Panels and Workshops schedule! The schedule is subject to change right up until the last minute, since anything could change in our Panelists’ availability.

There will be two panel rooms this year. The large room will have panels running 90 minutes for deeper dives into topics. The smaller room will hold the one hour panels. A separate room will hold the workshops, with 5 in-depth workshops per day, each at a small additional cost.

Aug. 5


10 a.m.: Location Scouting Tips and Rules (and How to Get Great Shots in Sucky Locations) – The Portrait Dude, Robbins Studios

Noon: Casting and Moldmaking: Introduction to basic Casting – Glitch Cos, Cowbutt Crunchies

2 p.m.: Seamstress Secrets: Tips, Tricks, and Tools for professional quality results and Small Detail Sewing for Big Impact – Human Sushi Cosplay, BelleChere, Kitteninstrings Cosplay, Khepera Cosplay, Mhysa Cosplay, Cowbutt Crunchies

4 p.m.: Intro to Photo Editing and Photo Manipulation – Robbins Studios

6 p.m.: 3D Printing: How to Get Started (Tinkercad Demo and Intro, Filaments & Their Properties) – World’s End Designs, Prop Culture


10 a.m.: Costume and Prop Making on a Budget –  MicroKitty, GiveWave Studios, Human Sushi Cosplay, BelleChere, Lodaim Cosplay

11:30 a.m.: Corsets 101 – Lucky Grim Creative, BelleChere, Kitteninstrings Cosplay, Khepera Cosplay

1 p.m.: Dyeing without Dying: Materials and Techniques for Dyeing Fabric – Human Sushi Cosplay, BelleChere, Mhysa Cosplay, Kitteninstrings Cosplay

2:30 p.m.: NEW! Cosplay and Props 101 With EVA Foam – Spectra Cosplay

4 p.m.: Body Confidence: Posing and Working with Photographers (from the model’s point of view) – MicroKitty, BelleChere, Kitteninstrings Cosplay

6:30 p.m.: Cosplay Photography Panel Roulette (2 panelists, 15 questions on the wheel, 10 minutes per random topic!) – Anna Cosplay Photography, Dave Yang, Athel Cosplay Photography

SATURDAY WORKSHOPS (tickets will go on sale at Ticket Tailor, our main event vendor site, July 21 – first come, first served)

10 a.m: Small Item Crafting with Worbla – Khepera Cosplay. $15 per person, 16 people maximum, worbla will be supplied. Bring your own heat gun.

Noon: Glamour Cosplay Photography – Robbins Studios. $15 per person, 16 people maximum, bring a camera to capture your own images of the glamour model.

2 p.m.: Non-Destructive Photoshop/Lightroom Techniques – Robbins Studios. $10 per person, 16 people maximum. Bring a laptop, everyone uses the same supplied image.

4 p.m.: Hand Embroidery Techniques (and/or Hand Beading Techniques) — Human Sushi Cosplay. $15 per person, 16 people maximum. Embroidery material and tools will be supplied.

4:30 p.m. (offsite): Shooting Outdoors, Taught Outdoors – Anna Cosplay Photography, Dave Yang, Athel Cosplay Photography. $10 per person, 16 people maximum. Meet in the hotel lobby, bring a camera.

6 p.m.: How to Pose a Human: A Guide to Giving Direction – The Portrait Dude. $10 per person, 16 people maximum. Bring a camera to capture your own images of the model.

Aug. 6


10 a.m: Working With Wigs: Shaping Techniques and Tricks – Cowbutt Crunchies, BelleChere

Noon: 3D Printing: Tips and Techniques to achieve what you want when it doesn’t exist – World’s End Designs, Prop Culture

2 p.m.: The Process: Streamlining your  image creation workflow by figuring out what you’re after FIRST – MG Norris Contemporary Photography, The Portrait Dude.

4 p.m.: Cosplay and Competitions: What to Expect from Costume Contests – Lucky Grim Creative, BelleChere, Human Sushi Cosplay, Glitch Cos, Mhysa Cosplay

6 p.m.: Casting and Incorporating Electronics (i.e. crystals that light up) – Glitch Cos, Lodaim Cosplay


10 a.m.: How to Dress Sexy While Still Being Modest – Lucky Grim Creative, Kitteninstrings Cosplay

11:30 a.m.: Working with Worbla: Differences Between Transparent, Black and Regular Worbla – Kitteninstrings Cosplay, MicroKitty, Khepera Cosplay

1 p.m.: Natural light — when, what and how to modify – Anna Cosplay Photography, Dave Yang, Athel Cosplay Photography.

2:30 p.m.: Working With Spandex and Other Stretchy Material – Lucky Grim Creative, BelleChere, Kitteninstrings Cosplay

4 p.m.: Awesome Photos on a Not so Awesome Budget – The Portrait Dude

6:30 p.m.: Getting The Best Shots with Your Point-and-Shoot or Phone – Robbins Studios

SUNDAY WORKSHOPS (tickets will go on sale at Ticket Tailor, our main event vendor site, July 21 – first come, first served)

10 a.m: Making Women’s Breastplates with Worbla (female only) – Khepera Cosplay. $10 per person, 16 people maximum. You must supply your own sheet of worbla. Khepera recommends, must be a medium sheet at least. Also bring your own heat gun.

Noon: Jewelry Making for Cosplay — Lucky Grim Creative. $15 per person, 16 people maximum. Crafting material will be supplied.

2 p.m.: Draft Your First Slopers Set For Making Your own Patterns – Mhysa Cosplay, Glitch Cos. $10 per person, 16 people maximum.

4 p.m.: Simple Fabric Stamping Techniques, How to Make your own patterns — Khepera Cosplay. $10 per person, 16 people maximum. Inking material and tools will be supplied, please supply your own hair dryer.

6 p.m.:


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