Panelist Announcement: Dave Yang Photography!

Dave Yang Photography

Dave is a professional photographer who shoots just about every kind of content, including beautiful cosplay images. Based in New England, Dave travels all over the country and is almost as well known for his black tees and Grumpy Cat-like frown as much as he is for his ability to get the best out of Golden Hour lighting.


Panelist Announcement: Mark Hyrullian Cosplay!

Mark Hyrullian Cosplay

Mark burst onto the cosplay scene with an astoundingly realistic armored Link. and has kept up the armor work since then. Whether it is actual mail armor for Link, foam for Baird or leather for Edward Kenway, Mark has experience crafting it. In addition, he has deep experience (both in cosplay and out) in electronics lighting effects.


Panelist Announcement: Mhysa Cosplay!

Mhysa Cosplay

Mhysa Cosplay is so dedicated to accuracy in costuming, she built her own loom to weave a particular fabric for a Daenerys Targaryen cosplay — then memorized an entire speech in High Valyrian just to nail it down. A Master-level cosplay contest winner she now (like most of our judges) only judges contests and rarely competes. But she hasn’t slowed down creating, including designing an entire Disney princess/Avengers mashup team last year.


Panelist Announcement: Panda & Peaches From Wicked Geeky!

Panda and Peaches from Wicked Geeky

One of the very first cosplay groups in New England, and one of the longest lasting, is the gathering of amazing lady cosplayers known as Wicked Geeky. The sheer number of hours of costuming and cosplay makeup experience among these ladies is staggering (and they are still young). Panda and Peaches (and BelleChere!) will be representing the team in Nashua!


Panelist Announcement: Cowbutt Crunchies

Cowbutt Crunchies

Cowbutt Crunchies, a duo of Bostonian cosplayers with a weird name and way too much love for dressing up, return for a second year to CAPE.  With ten years of cosplay experience under their belts, they’re big fans of sharing that knowledge with others in the form of tutorials, advice, and more recently wigworking tips as Gothichamlet participates in Arda’s Iron Wig contest.


Panelist Announcement: Babs Who Takes Pictures

Babs Who Takes Pictures

Returning this year is Babette “Babs” Daniels, a self-taught event photographer from Long Island New York, who specializes in fantasy, sci-fi and cosplay photography.  Despite being in the eastern end of the island, she habitually travels up and down the East Coast to meet as many interesting people as she can, and show them off to the world.



Lucky Grim Creative

I met Rachael when I first rediscovered cons, at Anime Boston 2008, and realized I was missing out on one of the most creative aspects of the nerdiness I love, cosplay. I berated the poor woman with questions about her Amaterasu outfit for at least a half hour, and she graciously answered every one. An amazing talent and a natural teacher.

Panelist Announcement: Khepera Cosplay!

Khepera Cosplay

Khepera leapt onto the cosplay scene in 2014, and immediately started racking up cosplay contests awards, both for her amazing crafting skills and her ability to inhabit a character so completely. Right out of the gate she exhibited mastery of sewing, armor and prop making with foam and worbla, and makeup and wigs.