Panelist Cancellations: BelleChere, Lodaim Cosplay, GiveWave Studios


Due to unfortunate and varied circumstances (nothing worrying, thankfully) panelists BelleChere, Lodaim Cosplay and GiveWave Studios will be unable to attend CAPE this year. We hope that they all resolve their separate challenges in the best way possible, and look forward to seeing them at other events.



You Don’t Have to be a pirate to Attend CAPE 2017…

Yes, the Holiday Inn Hotel and Suites in Nashua has a three-masted pirate ship inside the meeting center part of the facility. And yes, we will have our photo studios set up in there and encourage anyone and everyone to shoot in and on it. But you don’t have to be any one of the characters being cosplayed in the pictures below — or any pirate for that matter — to get or take pictures on the ship.


You don't have to be an anime pirate like the Straw Hat Pirates...

You don’t have to be an anime pirate like the Straw Hat Pirates…

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Yarr, Matey, CAPE 2017 Is On The Horizon!


I hope you can keep August 12, 2017 open (and maybe Aug. 13, depending on interest) for the next happening of the Cosplay And Photography Expo!

Yes, that is a full-size pirate ship inside the venue next summer — the Holiday Inn in Nashua, NH. The room it is in will be the photo studio room, and there is more than enough space for three backdrops, a giant window wall for natural light shooting, and that amazing pirate ship.

While the hotel isn’t in the industrial grounds of the Southbridge Hotel of CAPE 2015, or the beautiful grounds of the planned venue for 2016, Stonehill College, it has a central tree-filled courtyard for nature settings. And that ship.

The hotel is on the Nashua city bus route, and there is a regular bus that runs from Boston to Nashua for easy public transportation. We also have a specially priced room block for people staying at the hotel, details of which will get posted soon.

Get ready for announcements about ticket prices (not much change), panelists and more!

Panelist Announcement: Cowbutt Crunchies

Cowbutt Crunchies

Cowbutt Crunchies, a duo of Bostonian cosplayers with a weird name and way too much love for dressing up, return for a second year to CAPE.  With ten years of cosplay experience under their belts, they’re big fans of sharing that knowledge with others in the form of tutorials, advice, and more recently wigworking tips as Gothichamlet participates in Arda’s Iron Wig contest.



Lucky Grim Creative

I met Rachael when I first rediscovered cons, at Anime Boston 2008, and realized I was missing out on one of the most creative aspects of the nerdiness I love, cosplay. I berated the poor woman with questions about her Amaterasu outfit for at least a half hour, and she graciously answered every one. An amazing talent and a natural teacher.

Panelist Announcement: Khepera Cosplay!

Khepera Cosplay

Khepera leapt onto the cosplay scene in 2014, and immediately started racking up cosplay contests awards, both for her amazing crafting skills and her ability to inhabit a character so completely. Right out of the gate she exhibited mastery of sewing, armor and prop making with foam and worbla, and makeup and wigs.