2020 Panelist Announcement: Spectra!


Spectra is not only a foam armor expert who has run panels on the topic at New York Comic Con, but is Nerd Caliber‘s own AAA games writer. His cosplays draw most from comic books and movies, and his Frozone is so spot on that you almost think that Pixar based the character design on Spectra in the first place.


2020 Panelist Announcement: Khepera Cosplay!

Khepera Cosplay

Khepera leapt onto the cosplay scene in 2014, and immediately started racking up cosplay contests awards, both for her amazing crafting skills and her ability to inhabit a character so completely. Right out of the gate she exhibited mastery of sewing, armor and prop making with foam and worbla, and makeup and wigs.


2020 Panelist Announcement: Robbins Studios Photography & Fine Art!

Robbins Studios Photography & Fine Art

Benn and Liz Robbins are returning for CAPE 2.0! They are a creative power couple — she’s the trained, degreed photographer, he’s the former artist for The Tick comic book that picked up a camera and became a favorite in the cosplay world.


2020 Panelist Announcement: Anna Cosplay Photography

Anna Cosplay Photography

When I first started out shooting cosplay, there were a bunch of names people would use when saying “Oh you mean like XXX or Anna Fischer?” That XXX would often change (although very often our other panelists Robbins Studio) but it was almost always followed by Anna. We are very happy and lucky to have her as a guest for our second CAPE.