Prices Enlarge Dec. 1, Get Your Tickets Soon!


Here’s a friendly reminder that ticket prices for the Cosplay And Photography Expo next summer — while currently at 2017 and 2018 prices — will go up by $5 whole dollars for a weekend ticket after Nov. 30! (OK, so not nearly as much as the image of giant Ant-Man implies.)

If you buy your tickets before then, a weekend set will set you back just $35, the same price as the last two C.A.P.E. events. But after Nov. 30 weekend tickets go up to $40. Every ticket level jumps by $5 on Dec. 1, including the tickets for professional photographers that wish to charge for shoots at the event. Those climb from $50 for the weekend to $55 after Nov. 30.

Go to the Registration page to get your tickets to C.A.P.E. 2020 today!


2020 Panelist Announcement: Wonderllama Photography!

Wonderllama Photography

Gregg started his photography career as a joke — imitating me, FirstPerson Shooter, at the very first C.A.P.E Gregg discovered he really like taking cosplay photos. In the short four years since then he has honed his skills very well, often taking weeks to travel to a photography educational retreat somewhere out in the wilds of the West. Oh, and he is also the Associate Editor of

2020 Panelist Announcement: Lodaim!

Lodaim Cosplay

Lodaim specializes in traditional materials such as chain mail and leather. He is perhaps best known for his mashup of Legend of Zelda and Assassin’s Creed – the Assassin Link. He is as comfortable in blue face paint as Iceman or a shabby overcoat as John Constantine as he is in costumes with custom leather tooling and handmade chain mail.


CAPE 2020 News Is Here!


Here it is, the details about the next Cosplay And Photography Expo — July 18, & 19, 2020!

New location!

The Holiday Inn Mansfield Foxoboro in Mansfield, Mass. It is just a couple miles from the Mansfield commuter rail stop, making getting to the convention much easier than in past years. For those driving, it is right off the intersection of Rt. 495 and I-95.

The meeting room and the meeting facility area is fantastically well laid out, and the hotel even has an amphitheater for large panels, just like our first hotel!


Tickets prices start at the same level as 2018! But, they will be going up in three stages over the 18 months until CAPE 2020, so get your tickets early, starting May 4, 2019! For the full breakdown of the price jumps, click on the Register link above.



2020 Panelist Announcement: Spectra!


Spectra is not only a foam armor expert who has run panels on the topic at New York Comic Con, but is Nerd Caliber‘s own AAA games writer. His cosplays draw most from comic books and movies, and his Frozone is so spot on that you almost think that Pixar based the character design on Spectra in the first place.


2020 Panelist Announcement: Khepera Cosplay!

Khepera Cosplay

Khepera leapt onto the cosplay scene in 2014, and immediately started racking up cosplay contests awards, both for her amazing crafting skills and her ability to inhabit a character so completely. Right out of the gate she exhibited mastery of sewing, armor and prop making with foam and worbla, and makeup and wigs.


2020 Panelist Announcement: Robbins Studios Photography & Fine Art!

Robbins Studios Photography & Fine Art

Benn and Liz Robbins are returning for CAPE 2.0! They are a creative power couple — she’s the trained, degreed photographer, he’s the former artist for The Tick comic book that picked up a camera and became a favorite in the cosplay world.